"Faqs Page"

Who are we?:

We are Rock, Fossil and Mineral collectors from N.J. We enjoy going to collecting sites, when we have time, but time is not always available. We go to shows and rock shops when we can. We have made a Website to share our finds. I go to other websites and can't believe some of the prices. We keep the prices as low as we can on the website. We try to take the best pictures possible. The specimens you see are always the ones you will get when you buy them. We also made it simple to purchase items with Paypal. No need to join or sign up to buy an item.

Do we accept checks?:

Yes. When paying by check, it will take longer for the item to ship. The check will have to clear first. We accept credit cards through Paypal. It is a lot faster.


We try to ship that day or next day the latest. We use USPS. We offer insurance. We try to keep the shipping cost down. Some items are free shipping.

Can I open a shop on your site?:

Yes. We try to make it simple. Go to the Selling Page.